Monday, March 2, 2009

Brazil female nurses to wear face 6000 into a small ring piercing the world's first Queen's

The world's first piercing Queen
The world's first piercing Queen
The world's first piercing Queen
Perforated body piercing, young people today are fashion friends, but you can imagine someone in the face of 6000 small-ring wear it? According to reports, Brazil ElaineDavidson named a woman to wear in the face of the 6005 small-ring as the "Guinness Book of World Records" in the face to wear the most Central record holder, however, saw a lot of her photos people, first reaction was "terrible good ah!"

ElaineDavidson from Brazil are female nurses, she not only wear earrings, are not afraid of the pain in the cheeks, nose, eyes, mouth and other parts, it can be said almost the face of the place has space, she wears Central perforation. As early as in 2000, she has been wearing more than 600 Central and become the Guinness Book record holder, after which she found an annual increase of the number of perforated ring wear once to 3920, after efforts, this year she continues to more than 6 1000 Central's record, firmly consolidating "after the ring" of the title.

Elaine is currently employed in hospitals, but also friends piercing studio part-time, she said, very eager to take part in this type of work, studio head said, Elaine is a cordial friend, she was "piercing Master" will provide the latest wave piercing the most effective knowledge and skills.

Although in order to follow the fashion trend, now apart from wearing earrings, also some people in the tongue or the navel and other parts of the body holes, but if I wear in other parts of more than five senses hole, bound to a great deal of courage, therefore, "after the ring" of act attracted attention and discussion, it was suspected her mental state is abnormal, someone also said that she is "mad love ring" Her family members also called for opposition to wearing rings and tattoos, which she said that she in fact did not too enjoy wearing a ring, but in order to break the record, sometimes we must dare to challenge their own.

Although Elaine pride, but still have after reading a lot of people say "it's horrible!" And someone said, "ah good disgusting!" Another question was: will not rot away, she face it? More friends that she was nurse to do, I do not know the sick person to see her face, his condition is more serious, heart disease, people may be ... ....

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