Tuesday, March 31, 2009

U.S. military cemetery in the Philippines

Came to the Philippines, the first tourist attractions are to visit the cemetery. Through the noisy streets of Manila, came to the outskirts of a cemetery in front of enormous. The cemetery is in order to commemorate the World War II in the Philippines, U.S. troops killed on the battlefield and set up the cemetery. It is said that the world of World War II U.S. military cemetery on a total of 14, in Hawaii, Luxembourg and other places have, and the Philippines look this cemetery are from the area except one of the biggest outside Normandy.

Green grass throughout the cemetery, very clean, automatic sprinkler system kept water spraying on the grass, the sun, together constitute a small Rainbow Road. Looking around, the white marble tombstone cross neatly arranged in the military general at a slightly square legislation undulating hillside, perhaps because the surrounding terrain than the higher seems to be less than one side glance.It is said that there is a cemetery covers an area of 152 acres, a total of 17,206 graves, of the Pacific War in Memory of U.S. military personnel killed in action, as well as from the Philippines and other Allied soldiers.

To tell the truth, stand in such a cemetery, the people kind of soul-stirring feeling of: round are less than the first one saw a white cross, as if there is an exposure to ultra-realism is not realistic paintings; and actually think these are The officers and men killed in action, also known as people have a sense of grief and stress.

However, this cemetery does not feel fear. Staff said that the cemetery where the tombstones of all the following are empty, and there is no coffin or corpse. The erection of each cross are engraved on a first name and his officers and men killed time.

Cemetery where there is a marble with the construction of 11 U.S. soldiers from the monument, there is next to a mini-church. Cemeteries, engraved on stone corridors of the South Pacific theater of operations plans and crowded Name stranger. They seem to live quietly warned the people that war is cruel, and peace is respect for life.

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