Friday, March 6, 2009

26-year-old won the British TV quiz Championship women doctors

26-year-old won the British TV quiz Championship women doctors Gaelic - TianbaoAccording to Reuters, this shy, and wearing glasses at the Latin American literature doctoral read (Figure) has been called the most intelligent students in the United Kingdom, sensitive mind, she almost single-handedly won the British television answer the most difficult game.

A few days ago, Gail Tianbao where the team won the popular nearly 40 years of British TV program "University Tournament" Championship, it was learned her admiration, but jubilant teammates at middle, 26-year-old she seemed to be somewhat low-key.

Tianbao where four teams from the Oxford University Institute of Eucharist in their 275 hours of 190 hours to beat rivals from Manchester. And most of the problems are almost unthinkingly answered Tianbao out.

"In the ancient Greek comedian Aristophanes's works, the construction of the air by the birds are used to separate the city of ... ..." Ask no questions were finished, Tianbao on blurted: "cloud cuckoo in the country." The answer is correct, acclamation.

"At 'the survival or destruction, this is a problem' lines in which letters appear most frequently?" She immediately say the correct answer: "T". It said the capacity of Her answer is "lightning war intelligence."

Previous rounds of competition, she was also in drama, art, history, mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. Her Latin looks and professional literature on related issues not immediately give the answer.

In the next interview, when asked if she has not clever enough to solve the financial crisis, she cleverly avoided the question, smiled and said she is only the capacity of memory trivial strong.

However, access to acclaim at the same time, she also heard some other voices. A newspaper recently wrote: "Why do so many people hate her simply because she is more clever?"

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