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MINI variety of new global debut at Geneva Motor Show

This year, MINI at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show debut on the model series than in previous years a richer and more fascinating. MINI bring many new models, again driving passion for excellence and efficiency establish new benchmarks. The world's first auto show on three models is the best example.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Cabriolet has excellent performance, and meet the customer always open hood to enjoy the typical MINI driving experience desire. In addition to the maximum output power of 155 kilowatts / 211 horsepower high-precision dual-fuel direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder vortex tube engine, this model there are a lot of outstanding racing directly from the characteristics of sport and equipment.

2009 5-15 March at the Geneva Motor Show, MINI will also bring two new entry-level models - MINI One Clubman and the MINI One 55kW. They are the perfect interpretation of personal style, both typical of the brand MINI agility and high-grade quality, at the same time have a very good economy. MINI One Clubman space with innovative design concepts all the benefits of superior equipment economy 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, maximum output power of 70 kilowatts / 95 horsepower. MINI One 55kW to enable the introduction of MINI brand in the sport and the efficiency of on again at a new level of performance has set a leading position.

MINI One Clubman MINI models in full compliance with the needs of today's time, in 2008, created a new sales record this year, the success will continue. MINI is so popular because of its other car manufacturers unmatched unique combination of characteristics provides a wide range of quality clients. With unique agile handling and high efficiency, distinctive design and a wealth of customization choices, MINI customers a superior driving experience, high-grade quality and the highest safety, smooth driving passion to enjoy the road.

Compared with previous years, this year, MINI Brand maverick more prominent in the leading car manufacturers. MINI to provide customers with truly unique car, achieve excellent fuel efficiency and emissions management, both outstanding performance.

With the new generation of MINI Cabrio listing, the current full range of MINI models are equipped with the latest generation of gasoline engines and diesel engines, and continuously improve the efficiency of the introduction of a range of technologies, such as brake energy recovery systems, energy-saving engine start and stop function , as well as the entire line of standard models of energy-saving tips shift function. Benefit from these advanced technologies, the current MINI models have been 8 in the EU test cycle of carbon dioxide emissions below 140 grams / km.

John Cooper Works will be successfully integrated into the MINI brand family, as well as the introduction of MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, MINI further strengthen and enhance the brand of sports. At 1964 to 1967 made between the Monte Carlo Rally three times the overall win, will be the name of John Cooper and MINI in motorsport legend closely linked. Continuation of this tradition to the MINI Products R & D and production. MINI sports car with outstanding performance, sports car and simultaneously meet the diverse needs of everyday driving.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Cabriolet

MINI John Cooper Works convertible gold packages are the third top player. Under the hood of the four-cylinder engine for the racing MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE developed, the largest power output 155 kW / 211 hp ,0-100 km / h in just 6.9 seconds to accelerate to a maximum speed of 235 kilometers, so the performance given MINI Medium level model with a unique driving experience, unmatched in the enjoyment of open-top driving fun at the same time, also has an integrated exemplary efficiency. MINI John Cooper Works convertible in the EU test cycle of 100 kilometers is only 7.1 liters fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions to 169 grams / km.

MINI efficiency achieved in the grade of excellence is reflected not only in the highest performance level, in all other properties in the same level. For instance, MINI One Clubman of the maximum output power of 70 kW / 95 hp, in the EU test cycle of 100 kilometers is only 5.4 liters fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions to 130 grams / km. At the same time, ,0-100 km / h in just 11.6 seconds to accelerate to a maximum speed of 183 kilometers, showing the agility of a typical brand.

In the gasoline engine models, MINI One 55kW with the lowest fuel consumption, the best level of emissions, as well as the fastest and most dynamic acceleration. The models in the EU test cycle average fuel consumption is 5.3 liters / 100 km, carbon dioxide emissions to 128 grams / km, at 13.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h.

Through the continued expansion of product array, MINI can now more accurate, more suitable to meet the diverse needs of different customers. At the same time, there are three John Cooper Works model to provide customers with the highest level of sports performance.

In addition, the extremely rich body color, interior color, texture and decorative choice, and many characteristics of equipment and accessories selection, so that each customer can be in accordance with the personal style and taste to create a completely belong to their own, unique MINI.

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