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Elevator scenery, countries have different

Elevator ride to the attention of "French trap"

If the elevator is not a person, stepped out of the elevator do not forget Ms. priority. After doing my part and go out in the President, but also between men and then let each other. A men's hands to reach the other side go first, please, said: "I walk in behind you." Men's B-cut at this time should not gracefully left leg lift, but to do the same action, with emphasis said: "When you go behind." This repeated several times, one should ask one of another excuse, because he finally determined to get out of the elevator. France laughs over the course of their own people as a "French trap."

Interestingly, in France have a long history of hotel, there was an old-fashioned elevator is still the use of the aristocracy. Car apart from the decoration is very beautiful, the biggest feature of this lift are inside the seats are comfortable! Take such a lift when the French people take for granted seats will give the elderly, children or women. Block if someone steal things, will be treated as news.

Japan lifts classified as "supervisors seats, under seat"

In particular, pay attention to everything polite Japan, let alone travel, eat, meet, that is sort of a small elevator will be faced by the question: Which position count "Theravada"? According to the Japanese friends said that the internal space elevator in Japan also has a distinction points. "Are the seats" are in the elevator button on the side of the post-position; followed by the location of the next; again followed by the ramp in front of this location; worst "under seat" is set next to the location of the operation, because this people according to the button floor, which is equivalent to "drivers."

Clubs in a building such as elevators. Elevator door slowly closed the moment and found the staff lined up outside the 78, the collective substantially bow to the elevator door, and the scene was a solemn silence, a magnificent view. Look carefully, then the original elevators are "superior seating" standing position of a "president."

Button to open the door according to American habits

A woman has just arrived in New York, surprised no one by the elevator in the closed key, according to a lot of people would open the door keys, such as people, and everyone will deliberately watch a behind the back and no one has to avoid the clearance to the faces of others. If you watch American TV drama will find that the mean, rude people are always watching when someone deliberately came off the elevator door. Elevator in New York so few people close touch keys, so as not to make people put themselves and the role of film and television drama in pigeon-holing.

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Buck said...

Elevators ARE different in different lands. The worst I've ever been in were in Moscow (overcrowded and SCARY) and perhaps the best were in France... mainly because of the variety. One still sees aged elevators in service there... like from the late 19th century.

Thanks for this post, Skywind!

skywind said...

Buck saz....In China, if not press the elevator button to close the case, someone will call you neuropathy. (Of course most people will not be condemned. But they know what, it does not know.):)

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