Saturday, February 28, 2009

Restaurant roaming Melbourne tram ride

Restaurant roaming Melbourne tram rideAustralia, Melbourne is a city tram, where one of the best all over the world have the tram transport network. Melbourne street tram ran three generations, from the most classic of classic cars to the most advanced "bullet" space vehicle, the tinkle of music constitutes a unique urban music all over the world. Listening to "Ding Dong ... Ding Dong ..." sound, accompanied by "creak" sound tracks of sound, people feel the ancient and long history.

Although the trams in Melbourne are no longer a major means of transport, but so far it has reservations about the reasons for unusual Memory significance, it is said that in order to be different and Sydney only retained. Tram ride in Melbourne is very convenient. Tourists with easy step-by-step process you can ride to the tram, the tram route and all stops mostly located at the junction every 23 Siangkou have access to the outskirts of electric bus stops.

The sixties and seventies of last century, many cities around the world are gradually removed their tram, with the exception of Melbourne to retain it. Many cities in Australia, Sydney tram had to dismantle the lessons of the past few years the re-establishment of several tram route. Today, the tram has become one of the hallmarks of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia are currently the only means of transport as the main tram city.

Came to Melbourne, can not miss is sitting on the side of the tram restaurant meals while viewing colorful streetscape. This will run luxury restaurant, bring a lot of reverie, red velvet hanging lamp with golden tassels, it was a hundred years ago the fashion, the restaurant was decorated for an elegant style, has a thick atmosphere of nostalgia and romantic classical colonial style.

Although the train has been running on the tracks, but will eat any interference, and its slow, vibration is also less than the average tram, drink beverages, cut steak, no impact, or even because too smooth, and serve together with the and are very particular about the content of alcohol, and often forget is sitting in a restaurant will be moving into. Each car has a chef, wearing a white hat, him in a small space like magic to taste a variety of cooking. Every day at noon, dusk, night out restaurant antique tram 3, the quantity box trailer in accordance with the number of reservation.

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