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2008 "The most interesting thing about the title of Award" list of candidates released

(Baboon metaphysics)and (down with the fashion and weave) in (the most surprising award the title of) the list of finalists
2008 "The most interesting thing about the title of Award" list of candidates released the final results of online voting March 27 announcement.

Have entitled "The marginal consultation Cologne", "corrosion monitoring technology", the title will certainly let you and not knowing what you think. However, according to British "Daily Telegraph" reports, but this book was the United Kingdom "book business magazine" selected into the 2008 "the most surprising titles Awards" list of candidates. The last won the title, and has "verbal sadism", "vegetarian personality", "How to avoid the ship" and "concrete history of Greatest Hits."

"Book business magazine," Reese, editor of HE Bent said: "This award has been well-known selection has 31 years history. Ask someone old, why every year the election as a candidate for book six, I do not know. But I want to let this little problem. Now the economic situation well, the publishing company to cut costs everywhere. However, it should be happy that the United Kingdom the general state of the publishing industry is also good. "

"The most interesting thing about the title of Award" was established in 1978. At that time, "book business magazine" an illustrator Bruce Robertson participate in Frankfurt Book Fair, being bored to death was sudden inspiration when the thought of this idea.

Magazine sales analyst Philip Stone, said: "This year we received a list of recommended short-listed titles can be used simply to describe mass. On what should be shortlisted fierce dispute. Appears to have selected only six is too little a. like "Late Medieval stool", "dogs who have ADHD" such a title is selected could not pity.

"We also removed a number of titles, as they are published in 2008. Like" onumental Beginnings: Archaeology of the N4 Sligo Inner Relief Road "was also my personal favorite" Sketches of Hull Authors ". Second the first edition of the book are in 1879. thanks to our publishing, there are provisions of laws and regulations, one can have the demand for re-printed, so this book from the fate of annihilation, republished version to now find them. "

The Year Award in 2008 through the magazine's web site to be selected to vote the way, the end result will be announced March 27. Judging from the list of candidates, there is no lack of the University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press publications such well-known publishing house. The title of many ordinary people in terms of badly understood subject noun, a Chinese professor's book electrochemical "corrosion monitoring technology," also on the list.

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