Friday, February 20, 2009

University of the United States to open an alternative curriculum, Pornographic fiction into a research topic

Some American colleges and universities set up "alternative course" very interesting. Watch movies, school shooting, playing with toys or watch pornographic novels, can become a university course. University of the United States seems to have given people the impression left: look everywhere are learning, what courses can be selected using credits.

1. "Sex and the City Study" (Oregon State University): 2006 This class has just been set up on one hit, hot anomaly, originally planned to recruit 200 elective students, and later had expanded to 500 students per class. The lesson professor at the American HBO television series "Sex and the City" as the teaching materials, to explore today's society and gender issues.

2. "Brewing Science and Sociology" (New Mexico State University): Although this course sounds like a flash in the pan thing, but now you can find it in the curriculum. This is the door advanced chemical engineering courses in order to bring up the bartender in a bar is not a "journeyman."

3. "Media Research: Jem.Moreisn with gate band" (Plymouth State University): This course is only in odd-numbered years (2009, 2011, etc.) to open in autumn. This course in cultural studies as a framework, a comprehensive analysis of movies, television programs, musical, print and online information on the historical background, ideological connotation, symptom characteristics, as well as understanding the role of the media and so on.

4. "Adult Swim research" (Kent State University): The United States Time Warner's Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" (Adult Swim) plate is a midnight adult animated television channels, broadcast to the youth and adult-oriented animation, 18 the age of ~ 24-year-old viewers the highest ratings. Since 2004, Lown Lso School professors have been set up to study the channels of course, he also published a textbook "Adult Swim and Comedy." Class size limited to 30 students about the teaching of the course to be the "adult swim" cast members the full support of their meetings through remote students answered questions.

5. "Study of banned classes of knowledge" (Wheaton College): This course, "Throughout recorded history of mankind has found through scientific discovery or technological innovation to master new knowledge, and human society of the plight of the ethical conflict. Electives of the course students will be through religion, literature, philosophy and natural science study and understand the plight of these human beings. Selected text documents relating to different periods, reflecting different periods of control and prohibition of certain changes in the attitude of the dissemination of knowledge. "

6. "Marksmanship courses" (University of Texas El Paso Campus): In this "high-level shooting skills class", students study not only 22-caliber rifle shooting skills, but also in order to take many elective credits to repeat the course.

7. "Movies and Novels cowboy, knight and traitor" (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Select the course is to watch the whole entire semester and credits Akira Kurosawa movies. Specific courses that are: "to understand the novel movie heroism, individualism, and the authority of the various cross-cultural definition, emphasizing the novel and film in different cultures between the dissemination of Translation."

8. "Zombies! Literature, cinema and culture in the Land of the Dead" (University of Texas El Paso Campus): This course will be American (living) and the zombie to carry out similar studies, such as in the consumer "does not need the goods" . This course also well-known for gruesome "zombie march."

9. "Lego robot assembled Courses" (Towson University): This class is the toy class, playing with toys also get credits! Mainly to the engine, sensors, gears, axles and beams, such as assembled into a Lego robot, using children's toys and mechanical study the basic principles of electronics.

10. "Pornography: literature about prostitutes" (Wesleyan University): If you're in the Wesleyan University Library Association on the computer, eyes to watch pornography has been a librarian, then catch, Do not panic, as long as she told "I am to do homework." This class is not to advocate for pornography, and its purpose is to explore pornography popular internal and external factors. Final exam requires students to submit a performance art, such as photographs, video works, etc., or language.

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