Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reuters art fashion picture selection(2)

June 16, 2008, Chile began to hold teachers indefinite nationwide strike to protest against the country's Fundamental Law of Education to oppose for-profit educational system and the unequal access to education. The photo shows a teacher in Santiago Cathedral, the former raised his skull.
January 11, 2008, in Lima at the International Mime Festival, a student in front of the mirror to practice.
October 30, 2008, the Blood Manor in New York, the actor is a handheld tool. The manor maze theme about 5,000 square feet, haunted as a selling point to attract tourists.
January 20, 2008, the Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium Jellyfish exhibition to be held, a young visitors will be on the right hand on the glass.
January 20, 2008, Arts in Palma Mallorca, held in Valencia Fire Festival performances.
January 23, 2008, 2008 Senior Fashion Show Paris spring-summer, the Italian designer Valentino and the model stand together waved to everyone, this fashion show will be his career of which the last display.(
January 28, 2008, located in Rio de Janeiro samba schools Weiladuolo warehouse, a worker in a carnival parade floats next cleaning.
January 31, 2008, Madrid Fashion Week special show, models display amy-luodgsi device designed clothing.
February 10, 2008, the British actress Xena - Miller arrive at the theater at the Royal British Institute of Film and Television Arts Awards at the scene.
February 4, 2008, London auction house Christie's, a visitor viewing the works of Tom-Wesyermun "naked carol."(
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