Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I recommend to make money passers by John Chow's blog to make money e-books

I use the following are ways to make money online ways to list, including advertising and promotion. They are from the detailed network of 130 ads chosen. I used the following or all of the ad network, and highly recommend them. They have been proved to have good customer service, more importantly, timely payment.

Kontera ContentLink

Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money through ads without having to abandon the existing ads. Them to adopt technical means to read your article, and the conversion of appropriate language ads spaces. (Converted) have double-underlined language highlighted, when you mouse over the top when it will pop-up ads.Under normal circumstances, Kontera ContentLink site ask you to have at least 500,000 monthly page views in order to add this item.However,Kontera ContentLink I are partners, so they permit a number of small to use the blog ContentLink Service.

When completing the application, in the comments box enter "John Chow Kontera partnership". Your application belongs to my personal account agent.So that he will be through your blog content rather than to determine the feasibility of flow. Through this great way, you can only use the original high-traffic site to use the Services.

Register Kontera Ads

Text Link Ads

Text Link ads are my favorites, one ad network. They helped me through the sale of "Featured Sites" link under the characters to make money. These characters link to the advertisers to bring traffic from search engines benefit; readers do not care about them, because they will not interfere with these links. Your prices are Text Link Text Link ads Station determined mainly by Alexa, Google PageRank, RSS subscriptions and other factors.

Text Link Ads Register

Google AdSense

If you do not know that Google AdSense, then you certainly are living in Mars. If you want to earn money through the blog, which is an essential way. Google will follow the blog you wrote to determine the sites shown in your text and image ads. Google is my blog a fixed way to earn money.


Bibvertiser, a pay-per-click ad network that does compete with Google AdSense. AdSense compared with only 10 U.S. dollars required can be extracted. You only need enough to earn 10 U.S. dollars can be paid. Big publishers will not mind this, but for many still waiting for Google AdSense astronomical figure of 100 U.S. dollars a small blog's author, reducing the threshold to pay is quite attractive.

Register Bidvertiser


AuctionAds is a member of eBay major projects. AuctionAds their publishers into a "collective" to the pursuit of maximizing the benefits. Publisher brought the flow of their own members is much greater than eBay, so eBay auction can be used to increase advertising and AuctionAds profitability. Now, through the system 100 percent of proceeds to the Member. With the advancement of this collective, AuctionAds charge a certain percentage of the proceeds. For you, that is, to allow more users through AuctionAds rather than directly through eBay Member program (purchase of goods), the major increase of the network, you will obtain the corresponding income.

Register AuctionAds


ReviewMe is the most channels what my blog to make money, accounting for April $ 11,702.66 in income of $ 4500. ReviewMe allows advertisers to buy sponsorship on your blog comment. ReviewMe based on the Alexa ranking of your blog, Technorati and RSS Subscriptions to determine the price. If publishers do not like the price ReviewMe, you can set their own prices. Evaluation appraise Open, the only requirements are at least 200 word article.

Register ReviewMe

FeedBurner Ad Network

Feedburner for web sites and provided RSS feedd thousand ad impressions. Thousand impressions can be achieved the highest paid 10 U.S. dollars, publishers access to 70%. But generally not so high. If you think through your RSS feed to make money, FeedBurner is the best RSS advertising network. To add FeedBurner Ad Network, you must first pass FeedBurner hosting your RSS feed.

Google recently spent 100 million U.S. dollars of cash acquired FeedBurner. You should soon see FeedBurner feed in AdSesne.

Register FeedBurner

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