Sunday, February 22, 2009

UK Trial 8 premeditated aerial bombings suspects

Eight suspects

Turner News Agency reported that eight British nationals suspected of planning with the Islamic Human "on an unprecedented scale" of the bombings, they planned in many planes on trans-Atlantic passenger aircraft disguised as soft drinks to detonate a "home-made liquid bomb," the Court of the United Kingdom in London on 17 this day several suspects on trial.

According to Criminal Tribunal for Wurvz revealed that the eight suspects were arrested in the hours, ready in 7 from London to the United States and Canada, aircraft carrying out their planned terrorist bombing.

"This attempt to make use of several suspects this bloody terrorist attacks all over the world plan to cause panic," prosecutor Peter White at the Supreme State Security Court on the Road to the jury statements.

"This is a criminal case, these people play an active role in planning a terrorist attack, if their plans succeed, the consequences will be unimaginable."

According to White, said the suspects attempted to seven from London to Chicago, New York, Washington, Montreal, Toronto and San Francisco's American Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines plane on Canada detonated their improvised home-made bomb . These aircraft models are all that can carry 241-285 passengers, 777,767 and 763 large aircraft.

According to another report, in which eight suspects arrested in a man has been accused of alleged involvement in the London "7-7" bombings, but he denied the allegations of their.

British police in London shocked the world, "7-7" a year after the bombing happened in August 2006, arrested a suspect suspected of involvement in the case.

July 7, 2005, London happened at least 7 consecutive explosions, the death toll of 52 people, injured hundreds. Mass Transit Railway stations, a number of public bus and several cars exploded. Afterwards, the British Government confirmed that this was a terrorist attack.

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wendy said...

It is sobering to think that at any time and at any place, there are always people (terrorists) who are willing to kill us without even thinking about it.

skywind said...

wendy:Yes, is this. These terrorists to harm innocent people as they enter paradise medal.

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