Thursday, February 26, 2009

British Girl primers for mouse camera network sensation

Network hot rats (Bug)
Network hot rats (Bug)
Network hot rats (Bug)
Network hot rats (Bug)
Network hot rats (Bug)
Jessica and small mice
Mouse does not seem to trick people love, but a British Girl on a soft spot for mice, and his beloved little mouse dressed meticulously photographed after countless lovely Match Friends, the Original plans on the network soon caused a sensation.

According to British media reports, the 18-year-old Jessica Florence network are this hot rats "Bug" master. In her 13-year-old decided to feed a small mouse as a pet, but she started one of the ideas were opposed to their parents, they elaborate flower to try to convince her, but Jessica can not shake the idea.

Jessica on this very good small mouse that is very smart educated Bug. It is not only love to clean, and can identify her mother's voice.

Love of photography for the Bug put Jessica lovely gesture for you to take photographs of her and on her blog, Jessica quickly Bug fans received an e-mail, for the crazy mouse.

Jessica said that she will continue to shoot it, because she is trust Bug Mouse T platform Supermodel Kate Moss.

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