Thursday, February 26, 2009

European Police Organization cracked International money Group

February 24, the Austrian central bank on behalf of Augustine, held in Vienna Press Release on the introduction how to identify counterfeit money.
February 24, the Austrian Federal Criminal Police officials in Vienna to display press releases seized counterfeit currency.
Recently, the Austrian police and Europol successfully detected a European Group of international money, and seized the face value of more than 1,350,000 yuan of money, but it is estimated that there are still several million dollars in total face value of the money has entered the European part of the international circulation of host part.

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Daryl said...

Aha .. yesterday I couldnt find the comment link ... does this mean those bills are fake, counterfit? I am not sure what "a European Group of international money" means ..

skywind said...

Daryl saz... Means that the production of false currency International Group. Hehehe ...

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