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Bird experts say the United States via satellite to find bin Laden hideout

Bird experts say the United States via satellite to find bin Laden hideout

Since the "9.11" terrorist attacks, when Bush served as President of the United States has been looking for "the base" organization leader Osama bin Laden's exact whereabouts, but to step down until the leave, had not been able to do so. Now, a special study of the Earth satellite images of American scholars said that he passed on to close analysis of geographical data, have been identified Osama bin Laden's hideout in the north-western border areas of Pakistan ---- a Block house.

"USA Today" reports, from the University of California, Los Angeles, scholars have used similar techniques previously identified a number of fugitives and the location of endangered species. It is reported that they used to determine the hiding place of Osama bin Laden's satellite images are from satellite shot at night. In a series of special technical assistance, the researcher Thomas said bin Laden in Pakistan and Afghanistan at a distance of 20 kilometers around the border Parakou zener three houses in the town of residence.

Thomas said that apart from satellite photos, he also combines all since 2001 about Osama bin Laden hiding place of living habits, as well as news reports for analysis, and ultimately overturned the widely circulated "bin Laden said the cave to hide." Recently, Thomas will be the results of their research published in the "International Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology" on. The news of the United States intelligence community and the military have said that "this person is praiseworthy in spirit, but the conclusion is doubtful."

Overall, Thomas determining Ways Osama bin Laden hiding places are set up in the "data model" on the basis of its starting point is that the person may, in its last seen near the hiding place. Secondly, he also declared that on Osama bin Laden's "identity", he can not live in the lack of electricity and water supply areas. Based on the above theory, the hiding place of Osama bin Laden, Thomas will be reduced to the Pakistan border areas, one of 26 cities and towns the town of Parakou zener.

The researchers also said that Osama bin Laden in need of medical services, electricity supply than essential. The terrorist barons security requirements of their living in the walls have an independent house, because of their relatively few side bodyguards. In addition, bin Laden a number of trees necessary to protect its air will not be found in the United States reconnaissance aircraft. However, due to the academic community to encourage the United States "contend and pioneering" and therefore these results may not have much practical value.

It is reported that Thomas is a study of endangered island species, especially birds of experts. In addition, he claimed Osama bin Laden is hiding in a small town population of 500,000, but the author has never visited the local, in which the lack of field investigation, Thomas on the promises to the effect that "I found Osama bin Laden hiding places, "I am afraid that the outcome can only be a joke went. However, he at least opened up to everyone looking for bin Laden and other wanted criminals of the "alternative scientific methods."

In addition, the above-mentioned studies where inspiration comes from the University of Thomas a "undergraduate seminar." The United States military and intelligence agencies the money generally agreed that bin Laden may be hiding in Pakistan and Afghanistan border, but the exact whereabouts are unknown. The United States Central Intelligence Agency has sent unmanned aircraft of suspected sites of local air strikes have also killed hundreds of militants, but never found the exact whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

On the 16th of this month, Pakistan announced that in the country near the northwestern Swat Valley region, "the strict Islamic law" in order to use the power of the people, calm the increasingly rampant activities of Taliban militants, narrow bin Laden and other "base" members of the Organization of space activities. The United States and other Western countries are worried that the power to enforce Islamic law, tribal elders are likely to be the spokesman for the Taliban.

As the Taliban and Pakistan border area residents belong to the Pashtun Muslims, among them the existence of a natural "close relationship." And "base" organizations in the fight against the Taliban are the former Soviet Union during the occupation of the "close ally", Pakistan to set up a "final say Pashtun elders of the Islamic autonomous region," it is hard not to Western countries, especially the vigilance of the United States .

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