Monday, February 16, 2009

In Australia hill koala rescued people moved to find a partner

Two hugged koalas.
Sam is recovering

According to British "Daily Mail" reported that a hill in Australia in rescued female koalas in the wild animal rescue center found a partner, it was a serious love story for the Australian fire hit provided spiritual comfort .
Volunteer firefighters were injured using a mobile phone to take the rescued koala scenes: it was burnt by fire in the midst of the forest shake, 44-year-old Terry went before koalas, gentle dialogue with it, give it to feed water to drink. Koala burn their claws on the hands of Terry cold. Related photos and video quickly spread on the site. This was the koala named Sam Lawson was taken to the southern part is located at Wildlife Refuge Center, where he met its partner - a male koala named Bob, Bob was rescued Friday This two days earlier than Sam.
The assumption wish fire fighter 26 years stated especially auspiciously that, the people very little can so nearly and the collar ktranslitk carry on the contact, therefore he asks oneself 20 year-old colleague spear Orne to pat him and the collar ktranslitk short distance contact scene.Terry said: "You can see it stopped near to me, looked at me, is like saying 'I was too tired to move any further, and I am very weak and fatigue, help me out of this suffering now.I have wanted some water, sits down feeds the water to it.The jar in my hand, it uses the claw to take the jar, afterwards it places the right fingernail in my hand, my hand is very cold, this definitely reduced its some pain, it places the claw in my hand.It was amazing. "Sam's story and one called" lucky "is similar to the koala,that koala only escaped in the 2003 hill, that hill four people were killed and more than 500 houses were burned.
Staff shelters Colleen - Wood is responsible for take care of Sam and Bob. She said that their good shelters also have ushered in from the forest to save the ruins from the opossum, kangaroo and wallaby. She said that Sam was the second burn of the paw, rehabilitation will need seven to eight months time. Bob's claws were third-degree burns, it will be able to return to the forest in four months.Wood said: "They are always hugging each other, become good friends and experienced all this painful experience, it is now the scene is really beautiful. Judged in accordance with teeth, Sam at the age of two to four years old, Bob's age about four years old, they have much in common. "Wood said that in recent days near 20 koalas have been sent to her shelter, which a few have become lovers, because this animal koala enjoy together. But no one has the well-known Sam, it is now a star on the Internet.
Terry also visited Sam, Sam he was very happy to find a partner. He said: "They really enjoy each other, because they have been burned, and who have been burning off with the Taste.My heart and those people affected by the fire together. Koala who are so innocent, people used to spread the story of Koala their attention, they have recently gone through many painful things. Koala's story to the people some hope. "
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