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Biography Jordan numbers will retire in the whole Union, NBA jersey no 23

Jordan number or will be retired Union, "Little Emperor" will be diverted back on the 6th

Even the most people do not understand basketball, but also know that Jordan, even though most are not familiar with Jordan's people, but also know that he is wearing No. 23 jerseys, and even the original landing Becks Real Madrid, they did not hesitate to choose the This legendary numbers, and in the NBA League, choose this way to pay tribute to the trapeze has been the U.S. are accustomed to, and now the sun at high noon "Little Emperor" James is one of them, from his 19-year-old NBA Union since landing, 23 No. jersey has followed him, but was referred to as the "successor Jordan", he is now busy changing the number.

According to media reports recently said the Union was considering whether to "Fast Runner" by Jordan on the 23rd of the scope of the whole Union, retired. If this resolution is passed, it would be the first time NBA League first, before including Chamberlain, Johnson's numbers are only just retired team.The direct consequence of this decision will be included James included, all the Union wearing a No. 23 jersey active players had to choose another number, even though the news have not yet been officially announced, but James has recently started to find a rainy day the next number - on the 6th, this is the Olympic Games in Beijing number. "Ah, 6 is Dr. J, Bill Russell's number."James easily said, "has a lot of great players wear on the 6th, but Michael is great on the 23rd." "If the Union in order to commemorate Michael decided the scope of the whole Union, retired on the 23rd, just as the U.S. Major League Baseball Legend Robinson figures as No. 42, then I would certainly have to change numbers. "James said," Maybe another day I will. "James will be the Beijing Olympic Games gold experience described as "the best career experience," he usually their own practice when they are often wearing at the time of his jersey on the 6th, giving the time to send him Signed jerseys are also more willing to signed on in the Olympics again, because this is his dream of eight teams with the gold Memory experienced.
In the 60 years of history, NBA29 teams in a total of 134 numbers retired. Except for a few numbers have special significance Memory, most of which are the jersey numbers of players. But the Union if the league will be retired on the 23rd, it would be the first time in NBA history. Before the record in NBA history, the most prominent of the Boston Celtics have a 20 retired numbers, the League is the largest. In the 29 teams, only five teams do not retire numbers, they are Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Memphis Grizzlies and the Orlando Magic. These teams is not a poor record of history is not long, so over the stadium can only be embarrassed by a blank.Houston Rockets, a total of five retired numbers, including the just-retired Olajuwon's No. 34 and former head coach Rudy Tomjanovich's No. 45.

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