Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Medvedev said the Government deal with the economic crisis ineffective secretly criticize Putin

Medvedev and Putin in April last year, attended a meeting of Putin speech came from behind Medvedev.

Russian President Medvedev recently in the eastern Siberian city of Irkutsk a meeting, accusing government officials deal with the economic crisis of the action is too slow, "slow to unacceptable." Made the remarks apparently secretly criticized Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, this is the third time two months Euroglyphus a result of the financial crisis, Putin indirectly to the fire.

Taiwan China Times reported that Russia's economy is facing a decade the most severe test, the unemployment rate has hit a record high of 8 percent is expected this year, Russia's economy will shrink 2.2%. Medvedev warned that the bad news is coming from all directions, if not rushed to take action, the Russian economy may face the last century 90's the danger of disintegration of the Soviet Union. He said: "the crisis still continues to spread, has not yet come to the worst of times. Did not appear at the bottom."

Medvedev at the meeting, one by one to criticize the Government's policy deal with the economic crisis, he has not named names, it is well-known Putin as prime minister, responsible for economic policy formulation and implementation. He said that the Government has spent too long to provide the formulation of national security provisions of loans to enterprises, "Us moves too slow, in the crisis when the mouth is unacceptable."

Medvedev added that the government crisis in a number of measures to deal with the delay in implementing, "is not a question of macro-economic, or global financial collapse, are simply not enough action fast and inefficient." He also criticized the Government for the assistance of Russia, such as savings banks and state-owned bank VTB financing the implementation of the plan had not been effective, there should be considerable room for improvement.

Medvedev was Putin's hand-picked successor, board president last year, and the outside world have always thought that boys Euroglyphus Putin, Putin remains a behind-the-scenes operator instead. But the recent spate mercki Putin launched an attack, the general speculation in order to curb the global financial turmoil, the rift between the two men may be increasing. Analysts believe that Euroglyphus took advantage of the opportunity is consolidating its power.

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Eva said...

I really don't know what's going to happen when the International economies begin to fail also. It's a scary thought!

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