Friday, February 27, 2009

British zoologist and wolf 20 years of life: learn to eat raw meat Howling

British wildlife experts EllisBritish wildlife experts Ellis.

In the horror movie, the full moon is also often appear Werewolf moment. And a wildlife park in the United Kingdom, a study of the habits of wolves experts, 20 years and the wolf live together, not only with howling, wolf but also with raw animal carcasses, has become a modern version of werewolf.

Sharp teeth combined with sharp eyes, forest wolf is always a chilling effect on everyone to stay away for fear less. But now there is a person not only do not fear, but also they are as a people, the United Kingdom Wildlife experts Ellis study the habits of wolves for nearly 20 years, every day, and the wolf live together, not only dare to venture to close to feeding wolves, and wolves but also with raw animal carcasses, are worthy of the name of the werewolf.

In the eyes of others, Ellis said that the work can be very dangerous, but his girlfriend Helen wolves take care of him in the following three years later, also decided to enter into a female werewolf wolves. Ellis said, "I have spent 19-20 years before they can like think and act like a wolf, so that in a few weeks, Helen enters the situation is a big challenge."

When Helen is also aware of this very dangerous job, but still said, "We should really go try to do, and become part of wolves, and that really scary." In order to really become a werewolf, Helen must give up much of human habits, including the refuse of sugar, milk and the carbohydrate diet, should not use soap to bathe, and even to study the wolf call. Helen A wolf in order to bid to become the baby nanny qualifications, or even a mouth to feed your baby to eat the wolf嚼烂liver.

Helen will be successful regardless of whether, but for her boyfriend, and fierce wolves are willing to live with the courage to receive the dividend is worth applause.

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