Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Clinton first cat hair a statement mourning the death of Hillary

This cute kitten once become the focus of American media chase
In 1996, the "socks" with Clinton and his wife together
According to U.S. media reports February 21, during the Clinton administration's "White House, the first pet" kitten "socks," the evening of the death of 20 local time. Is in Asia to visit the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement in the first time, cherish the memory of the once to accompany himself and his family spent 8 days in the White House, an old friend.
"Socks" was originally just wandering around the Wildcats. In 1991, the Arkansas governor of his wife Hillary's daughter Chelsea was rushed to the piano, and when the teacher found a home away from this wild cat. Chelsea had to watch it back a dark color, four claws were snow white sweet small animals, and to it is known as "socks." In 1992, Clinton was elected President of the United States, "socks" are also followed by the first family came to WA. It had many times together with the masters of the media in the world before, soon there will be a "first American cat" in the title.
Because of "socks" with Chelsea later pet adoption dog "Buddy" relations are not, Clinton left the White House in 2001, when it entrusted to take care of the Secretary of Bady Kely. "Socks" have since been followed Currie, lived in Maryland leisurely life. The Clinton family will always accompany it have not forgotten their pets for many years, the United States during the election campaign, President Clinton also mentioned several times during the "socks", saying to their family life brings about a lot of fun.
2008, "socks" transferred suffered from cancer. February 21 Currie confirmed that "socks" has died. Curry said he sad "The whole broken heart," she did not disclose the "socks" the specific cause of death, but if there are questions that the media can contact the Clinton Foundation.
Clinton was quick to respond to one. Is in Asia to visit the Hillary Clinton and her husband in a statement expressed its "socks" of thoughts. She said: " 'socks' to Chelsea for many years with us have been brought endless joy, children and people all over the cat is also very like it. We have fond memories of those grateful. I would also like to thank my currie good friend all these years of 'socks' are taken care of. "
According to media reports, "socks" This year has been 18 years old, in the cat among the elderly.

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