Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rockets may be involved in three-way deal Gordon Hughes sent in exchange for Tracy McGrady

McGrady for Gordon, Hughes?

According to "Sports Business News" reported that as the trading deadline approaching, the recent transactions favorite Amare Stoudemire attribution to become the largest hot spot, allegedly Portland Trail Blazers hope that through this transaction has been Heat inside, at the same time they are also actively seeking to hire two main Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour possible.

On the other hand, allegedly although the Houston Rockets to Stoudemire may not be able to chase, but they may be sent through tripartite transaction Tracy McGrady has been Ben Gordon and Larry Hughes after such Field combat capability.

Trail Blazers hands now is the biggest trump card Sharif - LaFrentz's contract expired, as well as striker Maria Otero The quality of the young striker. If negotiation is successful, then the Trail Blazers may be the two players combined with Sergio - Rodriguez, the Jefferson and the Bucks in exchange for Luke Ridnour, further reinforcing the team after the game's combat capabilities, and This is also after them to give up Amare the best choice.Jefferson Field this season for the Bucks were able to contribute 17.8 points and 4.9 rebounds, while Luke Ridnour has 10.7 points and 5.7 assists recorded.

The amount of wages due to their own questions, Trail Blazers want to get Stoudemire have considerable difficulty, so the final attribution of the latter is likely in the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets generated.And if the Suns and Bulls interested in the transaction, then the same hope that through the transaction sent Tracy- McGrady of the Rockets also have the opportunity to participate. Stoudemire will eventually join the Bulls, while the Suns team Tracy McGrady and Tyrese - Thomas, rocket team Gordon and Hughes harvest. Once the deal reached, the whole pattern of the east and the west will again have a major change.

Ge debut this season both games for the Bulls be able to play 36.1 minutes for his career to new heights, the contribution per game 20.4 points 3.4 rebounds and 3.7 assists, three-point shooting as high as 41.7%. And Hughes, in his 30 games played in both games played 26.4 minutes, be able to contribute to the team 12 points and 3.1 rebounds 1.2 assists 2 steals.

Gordon's contract will expire the end of the season, while the Hughes contract will end in 2010, once the Rockets to accept the deal, then the team's post-market stability will be enhanced, challenges the playoffs Therefore the probability of the second round of increase, but also beneficial to the team as soon as possible release from the salaries of space problems.

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