Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caused enormous controversy for Amazon to sell Japanese rape Games

Amazon recently by the sale of a Japanese game developers to launch the "rape game" and much criticized. In this game, gamers were encouraged to rape women of violence. In the exposure before the game has been sold in the Amazon Web site.
According to the British "Sun" reported that the game is from Japan 3D Game Illusion produced by production companies. In the game, gamers from the subway station at the beginning of a woman raped, and then you can go rape the woman's two daughters. Games in these two girls is designed to "student virgin" in violence, the girls will be tears.
In addition, gamers can also choose the so-called "free mode", that is, play together with other "gang-raped" a woman, if successful, allow women were raped, "abortion" can also be rewarded. Of course, if not do this, then the women will be more and more hungry, if ultimately gave birth to the "child", then gamers will be kicked out of the train.
Illusion's spokesman said, "We feel that the game no problem, it has adopted a national ethics review of oversight bodies." Prior to the sale of the game, however the Amazon site in the media after the revocation of the sales of the Game Amazon spokesman said, "We have decided to no longer sell this particular commodities."

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what is the link to download this game for free ?

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