Saturday, February 28, 2009

British media disclosure of "Base" founder criticized Osama bin Laden

Dr. Law British "Daily Telegraph" website reported February 21, title: "base" organization, co-founder launched against Osama bin Laden lashed out. Hereinafter referred to as "Dr. Law," Imam Said Sharif had helped bin Laden founded "base" organization.

But prison in Egypt during a book written by his "base" organization of thought, as well as bin Laden and his deputy, Egyptian Ayman Zawahiri personal error frontal attacks.

20 years ago, Dr. Act become a "base" organization of thought leaders, he wrote a critical book the West launched against the global jihad movement has laid a theoretical basis.

Today, however, consider him the killing of the innocent acts run counter not only with Islam, but also a strategic error. Dr. Law wrote: "In Afghanistan and Iraq, or shed once every drop of blood being shed is Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, as well as a result of their followers."

He wrote, 9.11 unconscionable terrorist attacks, but also lead to the opposite effect. Dr. Law asked: "The United States has become a hard lesson in the Arab and Muslim Leaders in the status of fame and made the quickest way. However, you destroy an enemy building, in turn, destroy your enemy as a country, which What are the advantages? you kill the enemy in a person, he killed one thousand of your people, so what good is it? "

Him to those who immigrated to the West, followed by Muslims engaged in terrorist activities are also conducted a relentless criticism.

Dr. Law a special focus on firepower to attack the same as the Egyptian al-Zawahiri. They recognized 40 years ago. Dr. Law wrote that al-Zawahiri is a "liar," he had in the last century 90's by Sudanese intelligence agencies to buy planning terrorist attacks in Egypt.

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