Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The United States take part in the model contest transgender people were excluded

22-year-old Isis.

The United States of a Model of the World's television series, the first time, a degeneration of the modeling team. 22-year-old Isis is a man, however, is full of women from a young age when the quality of his modeling career as one longing, courage to take part in this game, it was the crowding out other contestants, he can come to the fore, even more curious.

Isis really delicate facial features, slender build, do not say you absolutely do not watch out, "she" actually is a man who, 22 years old take part in the Isis modeling competition, but take effect according to 10,000 kinds of customs.

Entries to a man who, Isis is often pushed aside by other contestants, there are people in the photographs at the scene on him cynical. One participant said, "Damn! Isis you a shaving!" Another participant said, "In my mind the best thing to laugh, think her performance has been very sexy, but the fact is that she is a Man! "There are contestants said," Me and Isis would not normally be together, because she is transgender entries. "

But Isis was not affected, he insisted on pursuing their own dreams. "I know what my pursuit, I give up a lot of things before coming here, I will not allow any team to undermine Girl I want to chase the dream"

Isis transformed in appearance is one of the eyes to light, many people consider him more than a real beautiful woman, and the man who can come to the fore modeling Finally, everyone will become a topic of discussion.

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