Friday, February 27, 2009

"U.S. Army" Game creators Guinness record

U.S. Army used to train soldiers Electronics Games received a five Guinness records, currently the game has a total of near 10 million "virtual soldier."

Virtual Army Experience"U.S. Army" improved version of simulation system "Virtual Army Experience" Game can accommodate 50 people playing together.

This allows gamers to experience access to online military shooting game called "the U.S. Army." Earlier this month, it has been confirmed in 2009 received the Guinness World Record for Game 5 record.

"U.S. Army" to be the first record is "the largest virtual army." January 2007, the Game of registered users reached 8,000,000, while the U.S. Army at the time the actual number of less than 520,000. U.S. Army sources said: "This makes a virtual army for the actual size of the forces of 15 times. At present, the number of registered users of the Games as much as 9.7 million."

The second record is "Most Downloaded Games of the war." According to official statistics, "U.S. Army" various versions of the total download volume has more than 42.6 million times, one of January 2008 to July between the latest version of the download capacity of 2.4 million times.

The third record is "the most time free online shooting game." U.S. Army official data shows that, from the Games in 2002 published in August last year, more than 60 Game of the country fans have spent a total of more than 230 million hours of play, "the U.S. Army."

The fourth record from the United States am ericasarm Web site. It was one of the earliest video games to support the military site.

"U.S. Army" was the fifth record is "The biggest game simulator." "U.S. Army" improved version of the simulation system "Virtual Army Experience" has a 6 Simulation "battlefield", has a number of venues around the flat panel display, can accommodate 50 people together to play games. Venues in the layout of the beam can be issued weapons. Battlefield with chariot shoulders give the soldiers the danger zone of the mission team to transport materials. The time of the blast near the explosion will happen trembling chariot. Games facilities in the whole area of 1810 square meters.

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