Friday, February 27, 2009

Beauty such as landscape painting, "The Lord of the Rings OL"

(The Lord of the Rings OL) Screenshots
Movie "Lord of the Rings" for its location filming in New Zealand so that we do not fans praise, but is currently being tested on the "Lord of the Rings OL", the inside of the scenery more beautiful screenshot than the movie. Whether it is sparkling water, or stars of the night sky, or are mottled shadows of forest, "The Lord of the Rings OL" Seiko is a portrait of the style, to show us a world never seen before.

"The Lord of the Rings OL: Shadows of Angmar" is the "Lord of the Rings OL" the first version, the game tells the story of the northern mainland China and Turkey the freedom of the Kingdom of the people in the Shadows under the Witch-King and his army continued to invade the darkness of Next, to resist the story. Called "Shadows of Angmar" Witch-King of Shadows Darkness force and become major players in this version against the enemy.

Game time for the whole story happened in the "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," the first half of players from the mine town Frodo cover. Baggins rendezvous with Aragon until the retaining ring squad gathered in Rivendell Qi. Game players will continue to assist in retaining ring team to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and feelings of the people of the Kingdom of the North China and Turkey, in the evil rampant under the indomitable will to resist.

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