Monday, February 23, 2009

British and French submarines collision 6 large military secrets: located in the top-secret ambush

French "triumph" Kursk
The United Kingdom "avant garde" Kursk

February 3, the United Kingdom "avant garde" nuclear submarine with French "triumph" Kursk collided in the Mid-Atlantic. The collision caused the accident from all walks of life concern: the nature of such incidents, how serious? What is the cause of the incident? States nuclear submarines have little chance of collision?

See "condition" and who found out after the collision

February 3, local time, the Bay of Biscay, France "Arc de Triomphe" Kursk around 250 meters deep in the depths of the ocean. Boats on the 15 officers and 96 soldiers guarding the carrying of the 16 missiles and 144 nuclear warheads.

A sudden explosion and the ensuing violent shaking to allow the "triumph" is aware of the officers and men: the submarine hit an unidentified object in! French Defense Minister to the French "New channel" TV said: "After the crash happened, 'Triumph' No. surfaced immediately, the captain reported to me 'my boat collision in the unknown object, requesting the immediate return home port!'" Because of serious damage "Triumph" took No. 3 genius back Baranovichi French northwest coast naval base. French Navy was announced: the way to a nuclear submarine in the cruise and the "suspected container" collision happened.

One news release, the British Royal Navy will find the door. It turned out that the British Royal Navy "avant garde" Kursk day with "all over the sunken hull and scratches on" Return of the Faslane base in Scotland. This set has 128 nuclear warheads monster, the time of the incident is also the Bay of Biscay on duty to implement the strategic mission. French navy with British counterparts to quickly Baranovichi naval base site survey "triumph" of its injury. Saw the damage to French nuclear submarines, the British people on the spot to determine: the British and French nuclear submarine collided with a!

British and French governments of the two countries the incident secret until February 16 was the United Kingdom, "The Sun" to break the truth. The next day, Britain and France, respectively, the Ministry of Defense confirmed: the two nuclear submarine accident indeed occurred, but stressed that the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense said: "This incident has not caused any casualties two boats did not threaten the safety of any nuclear weapons. "French Defense Ministry also said:" The two boats when they are in contact is extremely low speed, so there were no casualties. "However, insiders have confirmed that the United Kingdom" avant garde "No. Depression and scratches need to do full-scale restoration, France" triumph "of the sonar No. Almost all destroyed and the cost of repairing the two boats" not less than 50 million pounds. "

Hit out of the six military secrets

French "triumph" Kursk and the United Kingdom "avant garde" Kursk, are today the world's most advanced nuclear submarines, the collision of the six military secrets revealed.

1. British and French nuclear submarines of Noise as small as the point where it is difficult to detect. Moran in the French defense minister explained that the cause of the accident when jokingly said: "The collision was a purely technical problem, because we submarine noise than a smaller movement of shrimp." It was speculated that the United Kingdom, France and the United States nuclear submarine nuclear submarine has solved the noise problem, which in today's world, "the quietest" of nuclear submarines.

2. Implementation strategy on duty when the mission does not use active sonar. British nuclear consultant John Lagi disclosed, in order to reduce the possibility of detection by others, the British and French nuclear submarines carrying out their mandates, as far as possible to turn off active sonar and "all other possible equipment," to rely on passive sonar to monitor the movements of other vessels. British "Daily Mail" on the 17th also said that the collision, the British and French nuclear submarines remained closed for most systems, the two sides is only 7 kilometers per hour.

3. NATO "submarine traffic control system" not to share nuclear secrets. The United States "Time" magazine revealed on the 17th, in order to avoid collision between the submarine, NATO has a "submarine traffic control systems." The system is currently used by the United States, Britain, Norway, the Netherlands and Canada in the "not fully share," inform each other about each other submarines in the Atlantic Ocean deployment and activities. Because France is not a member of NATO's military integration organizations, there is no provision of its nuclear submarines to NATO intelligence. In fact, even if iron buddies are between Britain and the United States, but also refused to comment on their respective nuclear intelligence "fully explain anything."

4. British and French were found most suitable for the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the top-secret locations设伏. Former British Royal Navy submarine commander Ferguson said: "the implementation of strategic deterrence mission of nuclear submarines, are generally hidden in other submarines, spy planes, or not easily found in the waters." If Britain and France all have nuclear submarine ambush the same location, Also at the same time, the two sides of the collision probability for the upgrading of the.

5. Nuclear submarines will play a friendly country "possession Cat" game. According to "The Scotsman" on the 17th reported that the British Royal Institute of International Relations, senior research fellow at Bob Arlis said: "The British and French nuclear submarines are most likely during the 'possession of Cat' Games, which is tracking the other side each other."

6. British nuclear submarine commander training and experience. Mik Kliqri before the British Royal Navy officer said that the nuclear submarine in the Atlantic Ocean collision probability is "parts per million." Collision happened now, and this with the British military budget has been cut year after year, the Navy officers had insufficient practical experience. "As far as I know, because of lack of funding year after year, the Navy officers on shore to stay longer than the time to stay at sea much more."

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