Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saudi man once ate 50 scorpion, to break the Guinness Book of records

Majid eating scorpionAccording to Arab media reports, Saudi Arabia, a person can eat a 50 scorpion, has created a Guinness record. In addition, he can also be eaten raw snakes and small alligators.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates 23 Arab television stations reported that the 39-year-old Saudi Majid a person can eat without 50 scorpion poisoning, last month in the Saudi capital Riyadh, the first performances in his 20 seconds of the raw Scorpion 22, more than previously maintained by the American record of 21, which included in the "Guinness World Records."

According to reports, Majid weight 70 kilograms, he can be a maximum of 50 raw scorpion; also a raw 10 snakes, In addition, he can also be eaten raw in small crocodiles and lizards.

Reported that when answering a reporter's question about whether the poisoning, the Majid said, "I began to eat from the 22-year-old scorpion, from poisoning problem did not happen, I eat before the first corner off scorpion that stung even with me, it would not sting very much. "He also explained that" If stung by a scorpion, do not be afraid, the more frightened, half an hour after the temperature will rise, thereby leading to death. It was after the scorpion stung We must remain calm. "He emphasized," If the person's teeth and no stomach ulcers, the venom will not threaten people. and scorpion venom have special benefits. "

Majid said, "I put scorpion sub Add mouth, chewing it will be swallowed, like, like any food to eat." He emphasized, "I do not entirely in order to enter the Guinness Book of Records, but to break the United States people in 2004 hit record. "

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