Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water joke

New interpretation of water

Teacher: "Jim, what is the water?"

"Water is a colorless liquid. When you put inside the handle, then it becomes a black."

Water use

"Water in people's lives of great significance."

Teacher said, "Oleg, you talk about what is the use of water?"

"If there is no water, we can not learn to swim, everybody will be drowned."


Teacher: "What is dew formed? And a reason to tell."

Students: "keep the Earth rotating, hot sweat, which is dew."


Teacher: "Why has the tide has charged up?"

Student: "That is the sea sponge, while the water absorption into the water put out for a while."


A French faced the United States Niagara Falls dull interest.

Tour guides told him: "per second from here diarrhea millions of gallons of water, the landscape of this you do not come as a surprise?"

"What can be surprising? Water spilled down to where the diarrhea? Such a flow if sprayed them up, then it is also some of the characteristics."

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