Sunday, February 22, 2009

British railway companies to allow female employees to wear "Perspective attire" Jalan dissatisfied

According to the United Kingdom, "The Sun" reported that Britain Express London to Edinburgh East coastline railway angry female employees recently, saying that their new uniform, thin fabric, "make no room for imagination." Transportation system pay the employee association members have been called back to those transparent shirt company and ask for replacement of the new shirts.

Association officials said Brian Bullock, National Express chief executive Richard Bowker of a name are not wearing jackets, do not tie. "But he can not wear Perspective attire, do not know why us women have to wear them Perspective attire. Uniform fabric too thin, it is cheap. This is a National Express to reduce the cost of all examples."

National Express spokesman said: "We in the past 6 months have been trying on tests and did not find this kind of problem. If you have questions we will certainly replace the shirt fabric, and we are now contact manufacturers."

The association said that the National Express Company 15 months ago from the North-East Line Railway Corporation (GNER) to take over the east coast railway line the exclusive right to operate for all employees new uniforms to replace. However, employees are still wearing the original uniform.

The association said, a busy east coastline 17,000,000 visitors annually, the National Express companies in this line has employed more than 500 women as flight attendants and tellers.

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wendy said...

Hi Skywind!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
My goodness, I think I would complain also if I were expected to wear this blouse as part of my uniform.
And what about keeping warm? No thank you.
I imagine that there are customers who want to see women in thin blouses serving them ... and it would probably increase customers from that part of the population ... but on the other hand, I imagine it would drive AWAY many customers. Not everyone is a liberal or so "open minded".
You have an interesting blog with lots of news.
Thanks for inviting me over.

skywind said...

wendy: Hehe ... your comment is very pertinent. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-D

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