Monday, March 23, 2009

2008 the world's most sexy woman TOP10 - No.6 Supermodel Adriana Lima

Supermodel Adriana LimaIt is a "Victoria's Secret" angel underwear, Lima from Brazil has a gold posture would have thought that many people dream.

Adriana Lima, birthday: 1981 Month 6 Day 12 (Friday). Constellation: Gemini. Height: 178 centimeters. Measurements: B84cm; W61cm; H86cm. Place of Birth: Salvador, Brazil. Occupation: Model.

Adriana Lima 1982 was born in Brazil, Recife is located in the eastern part of south-southwest of the Atlantic many Selva. Geissler model with Brazil and like Anna Purose. From an early age are also now living in a colorful life away from the town on the stage. She has French, Portugal, the United States and the Caribbean descent. Precisely because of this, God gave her unusual blue-gray eyes and beautiful face.Also doomed her successful life. Adriana Lima is not ideal from an early age to become a model. It is this look take a look at the occasional opportunity to change her life, she left school fashion magazines and T appeared on stage and become the focus of attention of millions of people. Paris, Milan, New York, very different from her homeland, but Adriana, with her diamond eyes, like translucent Jingying confidence, without fear of taking our own road.

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