Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Fallout 3" it is possible to develop online games. Former Blizzard members joined

'Fallout 3' Game Screenshots
'Fallout 3' Game Screenshots
'Fallout 3' Game Screenshots
'Fallout 3' Game Screenshots
'Fallout 3' Game Screenshots
In 2007 the newly formed ZeniMax Online recently announced it is developing its large-scale project to recruit talent online games. ZeniMax Online, and "Elder Scrolls", "3Fallout 3" developer Bethesda Softworks belong to the same parent company, ZeniMax Media, headquartered in the United States, Maryland, currently has more than 60 people a team, including Steve Escalante and the former Blizzard development personnel Rich Barnham.

This is not open for online games, the industry's most curious about is whether the game will be based on "The Elder Scrolls" or "radiation 3", after all, two games have been have a loyal fan base. This, Bethesda, said representatives of the external preparation is not yet announced the news of this online games, but does not rule out such possibility.

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