Sunday, March 29, 2009

Against Honda, Toyota MR2 Prius Coupe will serve as a rebirth

Toyota MR2Toyota's as exciting a Mid-engine sports car, MR2 car suffered the well production for a long time now the MR2, Toyota is likely to be revived, and it will use next-generation Prius hybrid systems.
Toyota MR2 Honda hybrid coupe-type CR-Z hybrid coupe almost become synonymous with running, and received numerous attention.

Toyota, of course, unwilling to drop their will be a Prius derivative Coupe models, and naming a new generation of MR2, Italy will use the famous hybrid power technology and brilliant MR2 and Honda CR-Z confrontation. Honda CR-ZThe new MR2 compact Coupe will replace the former generation of shape models of sports car appearance. Look up, the new Toyota MR2 will follow the FT-HS concept car design. And Toyota will make a new car to do at 7 seconds to complete the 0-100 km / h acceleration, while carbon dioxide emissions will be less than 100 g / km. Toyota also said that next year will introduce 10 hybrid-type home.

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