Friday, March 6, 2009

The United Kingdom a Mockingbird to do with men's white hair nest

Robin nest to do with white hairOne British Mockingbird take a few days ago to do a man's hair Waterloo.

68-year-old Williams is a retired teacher, usually are his wife helped him a haircut. A few days ago his wife also helped him in the yard haircuts, they let the white fall to the ground, nor cleaning; next day saw a small robin swap diligent removal of white hair on the floor. Williams immediately put to use the camera to move robin nest of white hair to do a scene shot down.

Williams said that his hair do not have many, but to be a robin's nest is still more than enough.

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SSQuo said...

This little bird is soon going to plan her birthing responsibilities around the time Mr. Williams has his haircut, less work for him!!!!

skywind said...

Hehe, funny. Thx SSQuo.

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