Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rolls-Royce 200EX to launch three models next year upcoming

Geneva Motor Show in 200EX Rolls-Royce has just released the latest message in recent days have revealed, for after this at the fourth Mirage Products, Rolls-Royce will launch its models 3.

Rolls-Royce 200EX will launch three models
Rolls-Royce 200EX will launch three models With Mirage Convertible and Coupe version of the same model, the above two versions will be copied onto the new Rolls-Royce 200EX, which is first to market two versions, the third version of the Rolls-Royce 200EX will be In the ensuing launch has not yet been there is more details of the new production version is expected to be formally listed in 2010.
Rolls-Royce 200EX will launch three models
Geneva Motor Show in the new car 200EX model with the cash share of the BMW 7 series part of the body parts. Compared to cash Phantom, the new 435 millimeters shorter, narrower 42 millimeters, 84 millimeters high degree of reduction. But it has a wheelbase of 3295 millimeters longer than the long-wheelbase 7 Series even longer. New car will be equipped with BMW's V12 engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

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Lori said...

I want one...but can you imagine what the insurance would cost?????Happy WW and thanks for stopping by:) Its beautiful!

Captain Dumbass said...

Is it car seat compatible?

skywind said...

Oh, sure a lot of insurance, Lori.

skywind said...

(Is it car seat compatible?), what are you mine? Captain. LOL.

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