Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Published Volvo FH16 700 hp the most powerful truck

Published Volvo FH16 700 hp the most powerful truck

Recently, Volvo Truck Corporation has released the world's strongest power production truck models FH16 700.

According to introduction, the new engine has a power D16G Volvo 700 horsepower, torque 3150Nm top performance, and this will be so strong at the engine is equipped with volume production models, but also the world's first. At the same time, through the piston system re-design, Volvo Trucks of experts to optimize the combustion process, increase the power output at the same time, achieve fuel efficiency and parts life extension.

Another identified, Volvo FH16 truck nitrogen oxide emissions have been cut more than 40% will be in full compliance with the European in October 1, 2009 implementation of the EU 5 emission requirements.

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