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Bar on the alternative world

United States-wide ice bar"Do not need to point drinks, where you can enjoy the vodka." America's first all-ice bar dispensers, Mr. Turner said, "but we guarantee to give you a bit of cool!"

By the ice the entire bar made of ice except the system tables and chairs, and even ice wine is also done. Ice bar temperature minus 3 degrees Celsius, visitors need to put cotton gowns can chat to drink inside, and each can be on 45 minutes. Crystal clear ice holding the cup, big mouth cold vodka drinking, laughing all the guests, very calmly. In the end are cold or not cold? I'm afraid we have to go know.
Thailand Lebua At State Tower (Lotus Hotel) air bar Thailand Lebua At State Tower (Lotus Hotel) air bar, located in Chao Phraya River.
London street mobile bike bars London street mobile bike bars

Clinic Bar Stay bars, this is a pleasant thing, but in Singapore, they go bars may be as "sick" and accept a full range of "medical" services。

Health Service hospital nurses were dressed in clothing during rush shuttle from time to time, sent to give customers a "plasma BAG", hanging on the seat next to the iron on the shelf, inside a bag filled with a bright red liquid, the customer can be adjusted through a drip speed will be a small tube of liquid inhaled mouth, has to be customer requirements, Health Services are also pushing a wheelchair-bound customers go directly counter to receive drinks and food.
Wall coffin lidBrussels, Belgium more than 30 years of funeral home bars, business has been very prosperous, the current customers have been all over the European countries. Bar Corridor is an approximately 10-meter narrow channel, the channel on both sides painted murals ghastly cemetery atmosphere. Channel are hung with a black curtain at the end of the entrance. "Bar the coffin" of the interior decoration in black for the tone of the walls, the ceiling hung a few on the coffin's lid deputy, wreath adorned with skull pendant which. Hall has a wooden coffin with a glass coffee table when the base, coffin board with Jesus was crucified on Good wood carvings.
6000 has the history of hollow trees
'Tree heart Bar' interior South Africa Limpopo Province, an owner of Sunland Farm in 6000 the history of the hollow of old trees are being replaced by the owner of a maximum of 54 people crowded under the "tree heart Bar."
Mozart's pie Pekingese Bar Topics This exquisite miniature bars are the owner of the dog Mike and Helen specifically requested it artificially tailored. Aged 60-year-old Michael and 54-year-old Helen runs a bar, their signature dishes is the pie, so they want to create a dog and their matching bars to pie-themed pub.

"Mozart's" The Oak Bar size is 4 feet × 3 feet (approximately 1.2 m × 0.9 m), the shape of the roof are make pie dough, the windows are cross-bones logo. Bar inside furnishings and human exquisite range of bars, like, have wooden bar, stone fireplace, bone-shaped mat and decorative painting, and even wine bottles.

Bars shack built Mauritius is a volcanic island, composed of country, the local natural bathing beach beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery. Bars shack built visitors are leisure, entertainment and recreational facility.
Miracle of Science Bar MenuThe United States, Massachusetts, home of the Boston Bar scientific miracle, it seems people are entering a small chemical laboratory. Shop both bar and dining table has laboratory-style stone fire, the guests that can only be sitting in the old microscopes, scientific instruments, as well as portraits of Albert Einstein on around-legged stool, these guys is not comfortable. Like most things in the chemical laboratory is the menu.

Scientific miracle of the menu bar shown up at a blackboard, like a periodic table: Cb on behalf of "cheeseburger", Vb on behalf of "veggie burger", in the atomic weight belong to specify the location of food prices. Miracle of Science Bar regulars, including Nobel Prize winners, they have a star effect is much better than "hang around with the Queen" Paris Hilton. If you have a chance to go to this restaurant, you must be a taste of "UFO beer."

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