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2008 the world's most sexy woman TOP10 - No.8 actress Penelope Cruz

No.8 actress Penelope CruzRose Penelope Cruz of Spain's influence in Hollywood is more and more strong, the rich exotic beauty of her face feel fresh and full.
Penelope Cruz
Birthday: April 28, 1974
Their country: Spain
Awards: In 1998, the Spanish actress (The Girl of Your Dreams)
1993 "Belle Epoque" Best Foreign Language Film Oscar
1999 "All about my mother's" Best Foreign Language Film Oscar
April 28, 1974, Penelope Cruz was born in the Spanish capital of Madrid.
She initially entered the entertainment circle are people with the music video shot Nacho Kano, "the power of destiny" in 1991, she starred in his first film directed by Rafael Alcazar's "Greek Labyrinth" also starred in 1992 to complete Kass Luna's "ham, ham," for their own film in Spain established a foothold, and then continued her film about the same year, he also shot the "beauty of the season," "rebels" and "because there is love."
In 1994, Cruz to the development of the United States in 1995, in cooperation with Nick Hamm of "Love Angel" in 1997, her first co-operation with renowned director Almodovar, in his film "jitter physical" as a Medium small role. She starred in 1998's "Girl in the eyes of you" has won the unanimous praise of fans and become an international star.And again in 1999 she co-operation with Almodovar's "My Mother" has brought great honor for her, her figure appeared at the Cannes, Berlin, Venice and the Academy Awards and many other on the podium, Penelope? Cruz has also become compatriots Antonio Banderas, following after a successful Hollywood into Spanish. In 2006, she and another co-operation Almodovar film "Homecoming" This is hard for many years in Hollywood after the homeland, a return of their own.
Cruz's beauty as well as people talk a lot of funding, first reported the sex scandal and Matt Damon, and then Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise and then yes, they have to be discussed marriage, and then all of a sudden declaration of breaking up. Then the "Sahara" the actor Matthew McConaughey, it eventually labor geese fly points. Her most recent are fellow Javier Baden.

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for some oddity i dont find her appealing at all.
darn y!

skywind said...

amreican, :)

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