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2008 the world's most sexy woman TOP10 - No.4 Supermodel Gisele Chen

No.4 Supermodel Gisele BunchenJuly 20, 1980, Gisele Chen was born in southern Brazil, a small village. Giselle has six sisters, with her five other sisters have a heaven-sent, like the posture and appearance, are the same now T-table supermodel. Since grow tall and thin, Giselle at school have nicknamed "Buddha Olga" (cartoon character Popeye's girlfriend). In 1995, Giselle start their own modeling career. At that time, Giselle is clinging to a big raincoat shopping, happened to be model scouts found. Giselle for all the main fashion shops as a model and appeared in many magazines on the world-famous.

Giselle give myself to wear a navel ring, and the left wrist have a star-shaped tattoo. This is Gisele-chen, a young, rich, well-known New York fashion model stunner, remained natural and charming personality. Her world-famous chest, the perfect body for her to win the "beauty of Brazil to the chest girl", "beautiful chest soldiers" and other nicknames.

In 2004, Giselle first "electric shock", in the film "Taxi queen" role playing. In 2006, also starred in the film "The Queen Wears Prada," the beautiful face and the devil is a lot of movie hyperchromic.

Giselle has also served as "Victoria's Secret" underwear model.

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insomniaclolita said...

Dont you mean Giselle Bundchen?

skywind said...

Yes, that is her. insomniaclolita. Thank you.

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