Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American tycoon spent 15 million pounds to build the first Green House

15 million pounds to build the first Green House
15 million pounds to build the first Green House
15 million pounds to build the first Green House
According to British "Daily Mail" reported that American tycoon Frank McKinney spent 15 million pounds to build the town of Manalapan in Florida's first green house, and by the local stringent environmental standard terms of assessment, issued a "green" qualifications card.

This three-story green house, called "Acqua Liana", to the Thai and Fiji water constitutes a language, and its building area of 1350 square meters, seven bedrooms and 11 room, all bathed in sunlight, three noodle house is the trees, towards the Atlantic side. House attached to a 6475 square meters of beautiful gardens, this garden around 7 meters above sea level.

In addition, the room is also very spectacular scenery, a waterfall spa pool, the water like there is a fire scene, there is another arc of the fish tank bar. McKenney Tycoon vividly described as a "beacon of realistic optimism."

The United States Green Building Commission and the Florida Green Building Council have approved this green house effect of energy saving and environmental protection, after all, this house has a basketball court big enough solar panels for its energy supply, the water system can collect enough rainwater every 14 days to fill a standard large swimming pool, where lighting can reduce the environmental protection 70% of electricity consumption. In addition, this house built using many renewable sources of timber, 42,492 square meters will reduce the felling of tropical rain forests of Brazil.

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