Friday, March 13, 2009

Hybrid. Infiniti coupe concept released Essence

Essence concept sports car
Essence concept sports car
Essence concept sports car
Essence concept sports car
Essence concept sports car
Infiniti at the Geneva auto show concept cars Essence released. The car used for the first time Nissan's hybrid drive system. The car embodies the Infiniti models the core values of the future, the future of the brand for the luxury coupe more high-performance characteristics of implants, and the launch of Essence is designed to re-position the brand Infiniti to become the world's most dynamic and most have a unique brand.

The car carrying a 3.7 liters turbocharged V6 dual engines and a new 3D motor, maximum power of 600 horsepower, one of the motor power on the 160 horsepower, the new technology to optimize the electromagnetic coil and a permanent magnet motor, the layout -- - Reduce the size lithium batteries and an increase of output power. But if this concept of owners for research and exploration.

Designed from the inside of the watch, Essence is a model designed for the driver. Both front seats are separate, the driver side of the use of a black subject, and the passenger side is a brick red. But designers say that this really is to use the magic of "simplifying the technology" will be controlled to minimize the number of keys at the same time avoid giving the driver access to excessive amounts of information. By specially designed Louis Vuitton luggage space unique.

Essence concept car belong to a type to explore the concept car, it used most avant-garde technology will not be used in a short period of mass production cars, this is only from this Infiniti Auto Show to showcase its future development direction and to access to the public and industry feedback.

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