Friday, March 20, 2009

Senior high school uniforms in Japan For lengthened short skirts, girls lukewarm

Japanese high school want to ‘extend’ school uniform short skirtsBetween the popular Japanese female high school students to wear miniskirts, and some even deliberately original knee skirt school uniform at the waist up shortening. Senior high school in Niigata Prefecture in Japan in order to prevent such posted school discredit a poster "As long as there is the determination of variable grade, and also variable length skirt." However, female students who responded to this lukewarm response, saying that "it is meaningless", it appears to "extend" the skirt of girls who also take time.According to reports, the school posted a total of three posters. December last year by the students is responsible for directing the composition of teachers who will be commissioned to design specialized Protocol School produced posters and distributed to all Senior prefecture. Since February this year the high school put up posters at the same time and to seek the cooperation of parents, hope to be able to improve the status quo is too short skirt. Too short skirt has become a nationwide problem in Japan. It is learned that the school has been trying to improve, it has no effect.

Schools and students around the garment between the "struggle" has a long history. Nineties of the last century, the miniskirt is not just a trend, Japan has become a symbol of female high school students. Some girls at the school to check their clothing will usually roll up the waist long, or in the cold winter put on leggings under skirts, etc., in order to maintain the ultra-short skirt at all the efforts.

Protocol will serve as chairman of the City of Niigata Ko Chi-yang Uchikawa Senior Vice-Chancellor said: "We do not require students to change the height, but by posters, for students to consider their own. Some places the situation has been improved."

However, wearing a miniskirt at the station after sunset under the female high school students of Niigata City, said: "think to mention such a problem now, it is meaningless. Will roll a short skirt is not for sweet, but because we all so to do. "side of her classmates nodded his head. Miniskirt Japan has become a kind of group consciousness. It seems like the school and students, in order to improve long-term effort can do, I am afraid.

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