Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Austria incest father ferocious text was adapted ironic drama

Austria shocked the world ferocious father sexually abused daughter of the incident has been turned into a satirical drama. The drama on stage in Vienna on the 23rd, the first show of the ticket has been looted and 1, but also by large-scale protests throughout the country.

The drama in the evening in the capital Vienna, a theater opened. This work was formerly called "Folycile simple hostels", was later changed to "F simple hostels." The production of the play in the promotion, said, "You can know more about incest Folycile all acts - whether in the cellar, or under the carpet."

Kramer Folycile drama actor is a comedian Austria. Cramer said because created and starred in the play, he has repeatedly received death threats. Last month, he announced the creation of this drama when it was a lot of people's protests and boycott. Critics have pointed out that this drama is simply the story of a Folycile to make money as a selling point. In this regard, Cramer is argued, this satirical drama aimed at the media.

The incest case in April last year, are being uncovered. 73-year-old Joseph Folycile began in 1984 imprisoned and sexually abused his daughter Elizabeth, and their children gave birth to seven. He is now charged with murder, rape, incest, illegal imprisonment and slavery, such as number of charges, is scheduled March 16 trial.

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