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BBC UK Judge dismissed a child charged with discrimination

British "Daily Mail" reported February 22, has received the Royal Television Society Award, a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) host a well-known two weeks after giving birth at BBC dismissal, lost the job of host. 21, she suffered the BBC on grounds of sex discrimination to court. In addition, the host for employing a disabled children's programs, BBC has also recently been bombarded parents, caught in the disabled rights organizations and the love between parents, the company is caught in a dilemma.

Accused of discrimination against women

Reported that the dismissed persons named Dunlop Tessa, in the BBC for many years, is currently a BBC television one file shows the history of popular host, is also one file MIDNIGHT BBC radio host.

Tessa by the media as "the voice of Britain's most famous one." But her birth in November last year, the first child two weeks after the department received notification of BBC staff to leave their host status. Informed that, in view of program revision, Tessa will no longer serve as the program host, but was hired as a freelance journalist. Contract period of 4 months, Tessa in April 2009 with the BBC's contract will automatically disarm.

In this regard, Tessa was very frustrated. February 21, BBC reported on her court, ask the court to make a labor arbitration, the company determine BBC discriminating against women. According to informed sources, the evidence provided by Tessa will be distributed to her colleagues, including a dismissal to expose the inside story of the message.

At present, the central London court a special court to deal with labor disputes have been the admissibility of the case. Court spokesman said that the BBC is waiting for the court to respond to the allegations.

After receiving the court summons, BBC the company issued a statement, denied that Tessa are dismissed because of their pregnancy have children by gender discrimination, said the replacement of host only the necessary adjustments to program content.

The employment of the disabled by the host questioned

It is worth mentioning that recently, BBC was not only against their own employees, many parents are also a lot of complaints about its programming can be described as "misfortunes never come singly."

Many parents of children at the BBC website posting complaints on a right upper limb disabilities host children's programs, calling it incomplete image of terrified children, should not be presided over her children's programs.

The parents were protesting host named Cherry Bernal, since her birth, there is no right forearm. In January this year, she joined the BBC, presided over one file called "sleep time" (The Bedtime Hour) of children's programs, the programs at children in the audience very popular.

Unexpectedly, Bernal has attracted the aegis of the great dissatisfaction of parents, many parents said that did not want to let their children see on television at the disabled host, for fear that the children having nightmares so. Some parents also complained that because Bernal, they had to prematurely with the children to explore such issues as life. Lot of friends and even malicious remarks, libel and slander Bernal.

However, Bernal on these statements and do not care. She said: "I admit those words so I am a bit sad, but I think parents can be just as an example so that my kids understand what is' disabled '."

Even though these parents have directed their attacks at the BBC, said children should not disregard the psychological affordability, "bent" to the employment of Bernal, but the BBC still insists that the Employment Bernal is correct. BBC spokesman said: "She is being enthusiastic and generous nature, we believe that before long all of the father, mother and children as we enjoy her."

In addition, some English is also solidarity with the disabled community Bernal and the BBC. They said that people with disabilities in their daily lives are often subject to discrimination, this phenomenon must be changed, "on people with disabilities appear in television should become a normal phenomenon, simply not worth the fuss."

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