Wednesday, March 4, 2009

French President Nicolas Sarkozy prepared to take by way of stamp collecting change his irascible temper

Sarkozy has refused to shake hands with him one of the people shouted abuse
Sarkozy accused journalist tracking shot
According to British media reports, the French "first lady" told the media that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been "bad temper, daunting." Informed sources disclosed that during his wife's help, Sarkozy is now trying to use this love to change Philatelic irascible temper. In addition, the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth Sarkozy also assist the collection of stamps.

One with Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife are familiar with the informed sources told reporters that Sarkozy's love of bad temper at Paragon homes are famous, and his current wife has personally revealed his "bad temper, daunting," and does not know how to enjoy life. In her help, Sarkozy is now trying to stamp collectors in this way to change his irascible temper, to a more healthy approach to work and live.Informed sources said, "First Lady" to collect stamps think most people can hone their patience, if Sarkozy can really develop a hobby in stamp collecting will be for him to change the hot-tempered personality has a direct assist. In order to express their determination, Sarkozy has recently specialized in the circle of friends set up a "love homes Palace Philatelic Club" to facilitate the circle of friends with each other to discuss or exchange their stamps. The insider said, "First Lady" of Sarkozy's supervision and the impact will undoubtedly play an important role, but can really change stamps Sarkozy decades of bad temper, yet nobody can give a positive reply.
The informed source also revealed that Sarkozy philatelic news has spread to Britain, even the British Queen Elizabeth is also convenient for him apart from the collection of stamps, and prepare as a gift to Sarkozy. Sarkozy in order to help improve mood, Buraely also successfully quit supervision Sarkozy refined sugar containing food, because food is prone to lead those mood swings. Buraely had openly told the media that she has been think Sarkozy do not know how to enjoy life, but at their own with the help of Sarkozy's lifestyles are becoming more and more health.Buraely said, "I think he even did not have time to go to enjoy a romantic life, yes he should tell me what to do." Buraely Sarkozy invited for a personal fitness coaches to ensure that the president can be a day at the Elysee Palace garden exercise, while the effect of exercise is also very obvious. The informed source said that so impatient temperament allow a man to toe their own arrangements, Buraely on Sarkozy's influence can be seen. Buraely still hope and Sarkozy to belong to both a child, she consider my age, "precisely at birth can last hours."

Sarkozy on the reports of bad temper has repeatedly disclosed by the media. In February last year, Sarkozy's first exhibition in Paris of a refusal to shake hands with him the people shouted abuse. In July the same year, he accepted of a television interview when he did not make a timely response to staff furious. Not only that, Sarkozy's previous life partner him also suffering from the hardship of hot temper. British media reported that his ex-wife Cecilia had suffered domestic violence report to the police on the grounds. Although the police did not arrest Sarkozy, but Sarkozy has been the then Minister of the Interior Francois - Baroin warning. Sarkozy's temper so that this eventually to the breakdown of marriage. 2007 presidential election, Seciliy refuse to vote for him. Sarkozy after his election, Seciliy Events from time to time, the absence of national affairs. It has been reported that, Seciliy was hospitalized due to depression. They separated in October 2007, this is Sarkozy's second divorce.

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