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Code word people used to sell fish in Tokyo

Code word people used to sell fish in Tokyo Fish food culture in Japan are a major feature. Tokyo has a market called "Tsukiji", known as the world's largest fish market in recent years become Akihabara, Tokyo Asakusa along one of the three spots. As international criticism of Japanese whaling voice gradually rose, Tsukiji Japanese perspective of foreigners has become the front line of fish culture.

Soul-selling approach

Tsukiji fish market's history can be traced back to the Edo period, as long as some miles, you can eat in the Tsukiji market can see, the Japanese so called "Tokyo kitchen."Located here known as "the heart of Tokyo" was near the Ginza, 15 minutes walk from Ginza will be able to arrive. It is said that the market day of the transaction amount to achieve more than 30 billion yen (100 yen about 7.6 yuan). Tsukiji Market share market and foreign market in two parts, outside the market are composed of small shops retail area, to deal with customers who can not get up early. Trading within the market and stock market transactions are similar, the most attraction to the number of people selling "the number of treasure"-style call and systemic possessed the ghost-like jitter performance. Bidder when final word of the soul-stirring, the legend is even more crazy on the Nasdaq stock market.

5:20 am, bidding began. The buyer to do all-wearing cloth hats, caps are a number close to the tag, it is very obvious in order to sell to people all the way to recognize. It is said that these numbers are entering the store passes, the only way to bring the number of personnel have the right to take part in the sale. The time comes, the buyer rows of the tripod stand on the ladder, with people selling arms stand. People started selling code word read aloud price, outsiders might sound like a long string of "noise", but in fact containing a lot of intelligence, including fish production comes from where, and when caught, even when transported to the fish market and so on.Call when the person selling body sharp swings, up and down, shouted themselves hoarse. However, in the eyes of the buyer, he controlled the power of the "fish gods." In response, each buyer will use the blackboard or a small gesture that the wishes of the price. A hundred kilograms of tuna, prices can sometimes spiraled to 50,000 U.S. dollars, the buyer an instant decision, like gamblers decided to "vote" or "abandoned" the same stimulus.

Chinese people to buy sky-high price of fish

In fact, talking about Japan's fish market selling the best joke is the Kyushu city of puffer fish. Local buyers and sellers are simply silent through physical contact to complete the business. Specific practices are both hands into a black bag, and then wound with his finger to determine the final price. That scene than Tsukiji fish market more interesting.

Tokyo fish market called stores rarely accept personal buyer, in principle, are the face around the shop owners, such as restaurants, hotels, banquet hall, gift shop fish and so on. Recent years, Chinese people also have to Tokyo City buy tuna fish. Last year, on condition of anonymity, a Chinese person to sky-high price of 70,000 U.S. dollars to buy one, this fish has become the most expensive tuna throughout the year. This matter had been caused by the Japanese media speculation and hot you.

As the saying goes: experts look Yue, curious layman. To the fish market every day to visit the foreign tourists have hundreds of people, the morning of the bid area than regular fishmongers are also many tourists. People racing to touch the big fish a few hundred kilograms, but also crazy kissed the head and fish-eye. This act seriously to interfere with the fish market order. Than adopt a more serious fish are camera flash, because when selling a small gesture might have said ten thousand dollars the previous standard code, a flash will often get people flower eyes, had a hand about to oily fish may be bought by others go. Fish encountered such a thing did not really abuse Gas Department Caesar.

Foreign tourists to hang out war-free license

In view of the New Year before and after the fish are busy trading period, last month Tsukiji fish market hang out "may not be foreign tourists into the" war-free card, until the middle of this month before re-opening to the outside world. But tourists are not allowed to use cameras, may not touch the tuna! Needless to say, this disturbance to the fish market instead of the name Jan, it was said from New York, Paris and London made a special trip to watch the Tokyo fish market tourism team registration has begun, and the source continued.

With the business growing in volume, Tsukiji market gradually become a small business area. The Japanese government intends to fish market in 2012 will be moved to the vicinity of islands, and now the place is built media center, with Tokyo's bid for the Olympic Games in 2016. However, a message immediately by a large number of Japanese people's opposition. Some people think that "fish market will move to rent more expensive places, equal to small and medium-sized fish kicked out of the market, which runs counter to Japan's food culture." Fish market seems to go from here, remains uncertain.

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