Monday, March 30, 2009

Small cost of production "Mob Ties Moscow" published

Enjoy the small cost of games played, or perhaps heard of "Mob Ties Tokyo", the game is full screen the game a few years ago the mainstream standard, but if you heard that the game is produced by two of the finish on understand that one of the reasons for the.

Now these two developers also intend to develop "mob attack" series of the second work, after the Tokyo attack, the mob came to the Moscow ... ... The new called "Mob Ties Moscow", is still a small cost of a small human works.

Chance, one of the developer, said: "Since early March we released" Mob Ties Tokyo "after the Games we have many groups positive. Therefore, we intend to come back one."

"Mob Ties Moscow" will be listed in early 2010. Under the map, "mob attacks on Tokyo" posters and screenshots, watching also not too bad, is not it?
Mob Ties Tokyo
Mob Ties Tokyo
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