Thursday, March 12, 2009

Investigations revealed that one-third of British young people tried to one-night stand

Britain is at a lost era of ethics? British "Daily Mail" reported that the United Kingdom have found that in a survey of 16-24 year-old adolescents in the United Kingdom, there is one-third admitted to at drunken one-night stand with others to happen. Another one-third of people have been drunk at the safety measures did not make having sex with others.

Survey found that respondents into four consider themselves too young when the loss of virginity. More than a third of respondents admit persons under the legal age of 16 years of age lost their virginity. Three per cent of respondents even admitted that he was young or even twelve-year-old lost virginity.

The survey by the Youth Service of the British charity "Youth Net", and visited more than 2000 young people aged 16-24, hoping to understand their attitudes towards sex.

Two into the respondents went to a stranger to disclose their home. One-seventh of the respondents admitted to go home with strangers.

More than a quarter of sexually active young people aged 16-24 said that their loss of virginity are unhappy with the result. The main reason lies in selecting the wrong object(seven percent-half), too young (four percent) and location error (into four) and so on.

More than 9 percent of sexually active respondents. Into five semi-respondents to admit that he has been worried about sexually transmitted infections.

"Youth Net" online relationship advice expert Service Wyman warning combined alcohol and can be dangerous. He said: "No matter how much you age, alcohol can suppress open. And drink coupled with a lack of sexual experience that can make young people disappointed and regret, and even lead to more serious consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and even sexual abuse. Youth need to take advantage of time spent awake and know the true face, to help them get a clear understanding of the risks and take steps to make sexual (life) more secure. "

Survey released shortly before the thirteen-year-old British boy who did not make safety Pago rattan with the 15-year-old girlfriend to have sex Steadman, the result became the father of a baby girl. This news has become all over the newspaper headlines.

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