Thursday, March 5, 2009

Athens metro number 2 train cars Burnt

Staff busy at the scene of arson attacksThe Associated Press reported that the Greek police said the Athens area north of the city Kephsy a metro subway stations by March 3 masked criminals arson, the number two train cars were burnt, but no casualties were reported.

The attack occurred at local time at 1:00 on the 3rd or so, the police said, wearing a carnival mask arsonist first order passengers to get off immediately, and then poured gasoline into compartments, followed by incendiary fire compartment. They also attacked another empty train compartments.

30 firefighters finally extinguished the fire, but one train on one of the six carriages were destroyed, and the other train has three compartments on the destruction.

Followed by an anarchist organization said in a statement at line responsibility for the attack.

It is reported that similar small-scale arson case more common in Greece. Government buildings, banks and cars, such as Exchange anarchist organizations usually become targets of attacks.

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