Sunday, March 15, 2009

Neuschwanstein, and then when the first "Sleeping Beauty"

Neuschwanstein Bavaria are an important attraction, visited the United States and Hong Kong Disneyland will be even more people are familiar with, because, it is Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle Lane near the prototype.

Castle also said that some sources of Princess Sissi, Germany's King Ludwig II are cousin Sissi, tremendous financial resources to build a castle with a full seventeen years time. Faster completion time, Sissi porcelain swans given to him for a gift, so it was named the castle Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein from the nearest town are Fuessen, starting from the Munich also two-hour train ride to get to.

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Neuschwanstein said...

An amazing castle indeed. Neuschwanstein is a unique castle in the world, and in my opinion nothing is equal to it.

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