Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Germany's new Space Game "Black Prophecy" forward-looking

Game developers from Germany Reakktor Media Development, "Black Prophecy" is a fast-paced real-time 3D space combat online games. Games Games exquisite main screen, PvP combat as well as the fascinating story of the Games is also a major selling point.

Game features: the next generation of gaming screen: Games using the latest image technology, to produce the spectacular scenes of Games.

Fast-paced battle: the game than the traditional space faster-paced game. Developers try to avoid players in the game Wait for a long time.

Exciting PvP battle: the game player can organize a large-scale PvP combat, and completed various types of mission.

Fascinating story: the background of the game by the famous science fiction story Writer Michael Marrack write.

Modular design of the spacecraft: the game is not one of the spacecraft, on the contrary is a piece of the modules, so that players can freely mix their own unique space.

'Black Prophecy
Items modified system: In addition to modular spacecraft design, players can also modify their own spacecraft modules and weapons.

Association of modular space station systems: Players Association to set up their own space station, different modules have different functions.

Resources system: Players Association can stop the occupation of resources to fight with each other.

Awards and honors system: a similar system with success, the player can complete a specific mission to win medals and awards.

Strategy system: players can study and use of new tactics to confront players.
'Black Prophecy

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